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We specialize BIG RADIO CHASSIS, COMPETITION RADIOS, CB RADIOS, 10 METER, 12 METER, HAM RADIO, antennas, microphones and related accessories. Providing help for over 20 years! We also provide the best quality technical work on many radio models.

We also always warranty all our work for LIFE!  We warranty our work forever, see the FAQ'S for more info. Factory warranty is voided by our work!

Our SuperWackpack conversion only cost you double what the radio cost, but worth it for a improvement of 5 to 10 PEP


We are 2 way radio specialists, based upon many years of experience in the field. This site offers 10 meter radios, other ham radios, and CB Radios.

But we specialize in Converting 10 meter radios for 11 meter (CB), and Taking your Money!!!

Not your Truck stop shop

We are NOT a regular radio Shop!  We are an internet shop, working out of the Basement!

We are not the normal radio shop. Most radio shops have been ripping people off for years. Their so called techs are usually things like Ex-Used car salesman, (Not that Used Car Salesman are bad, but they are no techs!) We work out of my Basement! Low overhead means more money for me!

These "Golden Screwdrivers" would love to fix your new Big Radio right up!! They speak outright lies telling you of crazy wattages, "Oh your new radio is doing 90 watts come look at the meter"; when actually it's doing 20. Don't fall for these scams and lies. Don't toss your hard earned money out the window! I'll take your money!

A lot of radio shops are many times like the snake oil salesman of the early 1900s!! I've seen what appear to be outright lies and we tell lies too ,that have been made by these folks a million times. Don't get me wrong, there are a few good shops out there,(mine not one) but they're few and far between, and getting harder and harder to find. Think most internet shops are any different? The ones who outright lie make it hard for people who don't lie to make the money they deserve. Remember we have no store front, we are internet only!

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